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“HERCULES” Returns in new Marvel Series by Abnett & Ross

“HERCULES” Returns in new Marvel Series by Abnett & Ross

by Luke Ross, 30 de julho de 2015

Being one of the Marvel Universe’s ageless beings often means confronting several lifetimes’ worth of regret, but it also means it’s never too late to atone and turn your life around, a lesson the Olympian demigod Hercules knows all too well. Over his centuries of life, he’s done some good, but he’s also misbehaved quite often.

In November, writer Dan Abnett and artist Luke Ross launch a new ongoing “Hercules” series. In it, Herc attempts to turn over a new leaf and become the hero he once was and knows he can be again. It’s a quest that will have the Avenger confronting the challenges that arise when modern day Manhattan and the myths of various ancient cultures collide.

In an exclusive first interview, Abnett spoke with CBR News about his plans for the Olympian demigod, the way in which he and Ross will examine the character’s past while honoring previous continuity, and the mythical and Marvel characters Herc will encounter on his quest to be a better hero and god.

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